The Bolt Age game: An amazing Steampunk 3d shooter Game

A 3d cover shooter in 3rd person, with steampunk look, where you’ll have to fight with creatures based on the Lovecraft universe.

The Bolt Age may be a "Cover Shooter" game primarily based in person, with strategic notes throughout the utilization of sure non-lethal weapons however they needassociate influence on the mechanics. The player can enter a Steampunk world invaded by monstrous extra-dimensional creatures galvanized by the inventive worlds of H.P. Lovecraft.

William Bolt, the most character (player), should use completely different weapons facultative him to advance, whereas facing multiple alien creatures that also arearmed. they're additionally capable of emitting fatal energy, resisting, and creating brutal physical attacks. The inventory system doesn't permit usage of quite one sort ofweapon at a time (melee - pawlightweight weapon, medium, significant and grenades). Therefore, the player should select one specific weapon that they believe is best (in case of finding another one within the scene), choosing them by the sort of result he has on the enemies that he's progressing to notice. Throughout Bolt’s mission he's sweet-faced with completely different and tougher challenges in every level. whereas advancing within the game, the player can got to face the aliens’ bosses, thathave a resistance way superior to the remainder of enemies, moreover as a lot of deadly attacks. To eliminate these opponents, the player can got to search for the weak points and/ or patterns of movement.

The novelty of the sport comes by the hand of sure weapons, that even have strange properties and deciding influence on the mechanics of the sport. For example: 
The Demonomodulator Swapper, a non-lethal weapon, that absorbs every target while not harmful effects, however solely taking them to a parallel micro-dimension. The individual isn't transferred permanently; thus, if the player doesn't favor to unleash them beforehand, the system can then unleash them mechanically all at intervals a precise periodthis can be a weapon, terribly effective after you square measure attacked by several enemies at a similar time, however if you are doing not select the proper moment to bring them back, they will come at the worst moment overloading the scene with enemies. because the non-fatal weapons do contain severalblessings to the individual enjoying the sport, it will quantity in a very negative outcome. in a very sure manner, these weapons have what we'd decision a system of 'karma'; These weapons will be a good facilitatehowever if you are doing not use them properly they will be your finish.

Interfaces; choices and inventory menus with Steampunk aesthetic.
Levels; four levels (20 sub-levels). thirteen locations. 
Characters; Player (Bill Bolt). Secondary; discoverer.
Enemies; twenty four + six Bosses.

Abilities; The player will cowl himself to avoid injury, carry four weapons at the time, basic scrimmage, run, overcome obstacles and bearings.

Weapons; twenty nine (5 strategic)
Items; Recharge, aid kit, trophies, reward system etc.

William Bolt, the most character, is within the military. Once he receives news of the Nikola Tesla’s death, his former mentor, upon Tesla’s request, Bolt abandoned science to devote himself to the art of war. 

Bolt goes to the ceremonial and once there, a functionary provides him a very important letter from Tesla; with this he's urged to travel with him to the laboratory, wherever Tesla has left his written inheritancethat before long Bolt would force to accomplish his mission.

Once at the laboratory, Bolt discovers that several things have modifiedthere's associate "expository" space of weapons supported electricity. On the opposite hand, most of the laboratory has been empty by the EdiCorp Corporation, that as per contract signed with Tesla has obtained most of the inventions from his life. All except the one already developed outwardly, outside of the corporation. As EdiCorp operators square measure finishing loading a truck with boxes, they begin the transport and leave the place. Outside there square measure "strange" phenomena within the sky. Suddenly, some frightful creatures enter the laboratory. Bolt is attacked and solely survives by the utilization of 1 of the weapons left in situ.

The picture is kind of bleak; there square measure solely some boxes left, and a voice recorder with a particular note that indicates; "For William Bolt”. Next to it, there's a box with a form of armour. within the recording, Tesla explains in a very temporary message: "The day has arrived. Alien creatures from another dimension can attack United Statesthe sole thanks to exterminate them is to enter their dimension with the "Teleautomaton" cabin, that is presently situated within the Edicorp warehouse.”

It is necessary to try to to it before dawn, at which era the invasion are completed." On the opposite hand, Tesla says that nobody will use the cabin or most of his latest inventions of mass destruction, to form certain that nobody will misuse them. Tesla announces that he has created a tool, a masterthat no-one are able to notice. It says. "I'll take the key to the grave" Bolt, WHO knew Tesla, senses that the message was literal (Tesla expressed it that manner on alternative occasions). He plans to travel to the land site, to the grave of Tesla, wherever he thinks he can notice the "secret" to activate the cabin and alternative weapons of destruction ...

William Bolt (Will Bolt) is associate ex-pupil of discoverer, trained militarily to face hordes of various evil beings. To be able to stop the globe invasion, you want to builduse of all of your combat and intelligence capabilities. in a very world with steam-based technology, Tesla's electrical weapons can build a distinction.

Up to twenty four enemies + six Boss level that Bolt should face. principally happiness to the superb horror universe created by H.P.Lovecraft. In some cases they're going to be of latest creation, however following the graphic and abstract line of the originals.

esthetically, since the project is inscribed in associate else-world steampunk, the references square measure unnumerablehowever taking previous creative sources, the thought of the globe takes visual references in Art-Deco, particularly in ornamentation and design.

Also within the appearance we have a tendency to take into consideration the tone of sunshine and color of the painter Edward Hopper.

Another vital visual supply is found in Victorian art, particularly within the illustrations and engravings of Gustave Doré. each in his most fantastic work for the creatures, and in his recreations of London at intervals the realism for set style.

But beyond questionthe foremost vital supply of inspiration within the inventive facetthe premise of the planning & feel of the sportis that the author H.P.Lovecraft.

The project is being developed with Unity Engine. with the exception of the probabilities offered by the engine, it's vital to focus on the massive offered assets market. This project is absolutely, really, associate indie development. this means a reduced work team, that we have a tendency to hope to expand due to your contribution ;) ;)

Thanks prior to.

Cut-out may be a studio specializing within the production of graphic and audiovisual content for agencies, producers, television, style studios. Cut-out offers services of Motion Graphics, CGI (3d), illustration and digital advertising graphics, animation, infographics (informative illustration) and Videogames production.

Cut-out Studio may be a personal project of Arturo Mora, with quite twenty five years of skilled expertise playing multidisciplinary comes.

The team is at the start shaped by a restricted range of members WHO assume completely different roles at intervals a development structure chart. however within thetimeline of the assembly it's planned to include some a lot of freelance member because the project development needs.

Arturo Mora; He features a degree in Fine Arts and has worked within the audiovisual style sector since 1998. He has worked in videogames for the corporate Exelweiss Enterntaiment, collaborating in many videogame projects; ‘Tiger Hunter’, ‘Stormgunner’, ‘Beach Head 2’, ‘Xquare’, ‘Mahjong’, ‘Domino’ ... he's presently a Specialist academic within the Certificate of upper Education (HNC) (CFGS in Spain) of Animation 2nd and 3d, videogames and interactive settings. Main promoter of the project, Designer, Director, Senior Graphic Designer and junior developer.

Álvaro Martínez Corachán; Graduated within the HNC of Animation 2nd and 3d, videogames and interactive environment, no 1 of its promotion. Assume completely different roles during this project; Supervisor of characters, sets and props, VFX and Lead Technical creator.

Jorge Giner Cordero; pc engineer, with nearly twenty years of expertise within the videogame development sector. He has worked in many firmslight his add Exelweiss Entertaiment and Gameloft. He has participated in multiple comes in development and internationalisation as ‘The planet of the vicious creatures’, ‘Disney Magic Kingdoms’, ‘Danger Dash’, ‘Shin chan sports’, ‘House’, ‘Crazy Hamster’, ‘Stress Attack’, ‘Livingstone (lost again)’, ‘Sleepwalker mobile’, ‘Mr Bean’, ‘Moto GP’ , ‘Formula onefor Repsol’ and ‘Superbuteo’. Participates within the project as Lead Game Developer and QA manager.

Juan Fernández Isasi; Sound technician and graduated from the Superior Conservatory of Music of Valencia in Sound Edition and Digital Synthesis ‘macMusic’ and ‘Csound’, electroacoustic. He presently combines his work as Interactive Sound Editor for Videogames (Unity and Unreal engines) along with his work as an educator at Millenia Studio. He has participated among alternative videogame comes in ‘Warlords of Terra’ for M2RGames.

And a lot of in 2019.

Currently the project is in a very pre-alpha sectionwe've got the most mechanics of the player and a basic theme of game performance, with four complete enemies, sixweapons and also the graphic base of three sub-levels. there's plenty of labor ahead till the launch in December 2019. however one in all the difficult elements has been overcome (we square measure aware that a lot of can come). for creating a figure of speech, the automotive has started, and that we have left citycurrently we've gotseveral kilometers of road.

Gregorian calendar month to could 2019; Launch of associate Alpha version. All the mechanics, weapons, enemies, within the absence of the integral development of the degree.
September 2019; Beta unleashthe sport is preparedwithin the absence of determination bugs, and polish those 'details' in order that everything goes fine.
December 2019; Market launch; the version for Windows laptop is preparedeverybody to get pleasure from like thunder.
May 2020; The versions for Xbox One and Playstation fourwe might such as you to possess it before,