Sikanda - 3D Fantasy Action-Adventure for Nintendo Switch

Explore a world of secrets in an Action-Adventure/RPG inspired by beloved classics from the SNES era


Sikanda could be a top-down 3D Action-Adventure with RPG partsgalvanized by notable classics adore The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Secret of Mana, Terranigma and Final Fantasy, however additionally influenced by trendy JRPGs like Xenoblade and courageously Default. the sport options realtime action combat, puzzles, nonmandatory side-quests, crafting, trading, minigames and additional.

The adventure takes place on a fantasy island named Galintrea and combines purposeful storytelling, a unforgettable character solid, and enthralling locations with beloved, old-school gameplay parts utilized in a recent, new way.

Sikanda is that the name of a shape-shifting weapon that grants country to its wielder. It starts off as an easy pendant, however upon completion of your 1st trial Associate in Nursing exceedingly|in a very} thus referred to as "Shrine of the Ancestors" the pendant may be remodeled into an outsized claymore that simply blows away many fiends directly. Throughout your journeyyou may unlock up to twelve distinctive transformations that flip Sikanda into helpful tools, essential for each combat and puzzles.

However, every power has its limitations. Sikanda is driven by the imagination of its wielder that is quickly drained with use. this is often diagrammatical by a blue spiral placed to a lower place the standard health and mana bars. once it reaches zero, Sikanda are going to be unobtainable for a brief time. Use your resources carefully!

Battles square measure entirely skill-based and need smart temporal arrangement likewise as plan of action decision-making. you may need to adopt your actions to the kind of monster you're fighting. fortuitouslyyou'll be able to simply switch between Sikanda’s transformations and be inventive concerning the series of attacks (combos) and actions you perform. notice your own style!

Exploration could be a key side of progressing through your journey. Take some time to get secret places and hidden objects everywhere the world! you may not solely be rewarded with helpful things or instrumentationhowever additionally uncover backstories of the game’s traditional knowledge.

Sikanda additionally plays a crucial role in finding the puzzles found in dungeons. Puzzles square measure supported the interaction between you and your setting and incorporate well-known second mechanics during a new way!

Stats growth is achieved by intense supernatural seeds scattered everywhere the planetthis is often a hybrid approach of 2 widespread systems: one relies on groupingexpertise points (EP) adore it is employed in most RPGs, the opposite one relies on progress that is usually utilized in Action-Adventures (for example, the ill-famed heart containers). supernatural seeds may be obtained in numerous alternative wayshowever their variety is restricted and you're inspired to explore as several aspects of the planet as doable so as to attain your character's stats.

Here square measure a number of the ways that to seek out supernatural seeds:

Find them in treasure chests or hidden locations.
Some monsters leave them behind below bound conditions.
Get them as a bequest for finishing quests.
You might receive them on special occasions once interacting with NPCs.
Engage in commerce and a few merchants might sell them to you.

There square measure 3 forms of seeds and eight attributes which will be adult. For best flexibility, it's up to you which of them attributes to specialise in throughoutcharacter development:

The game options a realtime action-based battle system that demands that you simply respond quickly to things and makes plan of action choices on a way to confront enemies. Button mashing isn't inspired because the enemies square measure terribly completely different in their nature and behavior. Use the accessibletransformations of Sikanda that best suit your state of affairs.

Many nonmandatory side-quests look you. Visit taverns and alternative gathering places to fulfill folks searching for facilitate. Quests are going to be tied to a relationship system: Some quests should be completed to become friends with bound NPCs and a few friendships should be established before unlocking connectedquests. Friendships square measure supported associate sympathy level between your character and every single federal agencyreproval them, being attentive to their demands and showing sympathy in your responses can facilitate to succeed in the specified level. Besides obtaining rewards, the amount of established friendships willhave a bearing on the ending of the sport.

Dungeons square measure designed to challenge your puzzle finding skills. Use all Sikanda’s transformations you've got learned up to now to beat obstacles and trigger set-up mechanics delivery you nearer to your goal.

Use Sikanda’s bottle transformation to craft powerful things out of the ingredients you discover throughout your adventure!

Keep your eyes open for:

Herbs, mushrooms, and fruits found in nature.
The remains of monsters you’ve defeated.
Rare gems and stones found in caves.
Beside manufacturing potions and alchemy grenades, item crafting is additionally necessary to use 2 alternative Sikanda transformations effectively: The applicatordesires color and therefore the gun must be loaded with bullets.

We place loads of effort into creating the gameplay swish and polished, however we tend to additionally need to produce a solid story that holds up to genre standards. Our main goal is to firmly tie story and gameplay along. The story isn't told for the aim of golf stroke gameplay into a purposeful context, neither is the gameplay adscititious exclusively for commerce the story as a game. Therefore, the thought behind Sikanda was to resolve each gameplay and story around this powerful shape-shifting object.

In a day like every alternative, Pyto, a homeless boy, associated his gang of outsider youngsters square measure heading towards a close-by forest searching for an journey once suddenly an enormous shadow covers the land. The shadow is solid by a flying defensive structure that has suddenly appeared within the skies. the children and folks everywhere the country of Thesan witness the defensive structure moving on high of their most sacred place, the Celestial Tower of the Wood componentone among 5 towers that square measure the supply of all life on Galintrea.

explosive earthquake hits the land, inflicting many rifts tearing the soil asunder. Curious to seek out out what is behind all this, Pyto and his gang approach the tower, however suddenly they run into associate other-worldly mech in the course of 2 strangers in dark cloaks UN agency square measure clearly concerned within the events. With no clarification, the strangers attack the children. Pyto's best friends - Tarak and Venda - square measure targeted by the mech's cannon once Pyto jumps in to protect them from the deadly blast, however he is unable to avoid wasting them from obtaining blown into associate earthquake rift.

Tarak associated Venda regain consciousness and notice themselves unfree in an underground tunnel. whereas searching for some way out, they stumble across a largebudwhen touching its blossom, it blooms to reveal the traditional relic it's storing. The relic, a miraculous pendant that calls itself Sikanda, as if by magic whispers to Tarak's and Venda's heart, guiding them to the hidden exit of the tunnel. Back on the surface, they not solely learn that Pyto has gone missing when the attack, howeveradditionally that the island has been plunged into chaos with all 5 towers being captured by flying fortresses and monster hordes rising from the rifts. Sikanda offers Tarak and Venda its facilitate to not solely stop the chaos, however additionally to seek out their friend Pyto. First, however, the 2 youngsters need to restore Sikanda's original power...

The 5 Celestial Towers, additionally referred to as the 5 Towers of partssquare measure the supply of energy that enables Galintrea to exist with all its sorts of life. a gaggle of strangers, solely known by their name, "The Circle", used the flying fortresses on high of the towers to seal them and forestall elemental energy from spreading over the island. this is able to inevitably cause the end of the island and every one life on that if not undone before longmany makes an attempt of the bravest warriors and most proficient wizards to recapture the towers unsuccessful miserably as nobody ever managed to infiltrate the fortresses, effort the high councils of every country uninformed concerning this desperate state of affairsnobody understands however the enemy gained management of this extremely advanced technology that is additional powerful than something the soldiers need to supply. However, nobody has however detected of Sikanda's distinctive power to beat any obstacle. And it's like Tarak and Venda square measure the sole one Sikanda is granting its skills to. You, because the player, will choose from Tarak and Venda to accompany them on their dangerous journey...

Sikanda is associate ancient relic found with solely a fraction of its former power. to revive its full potential, you will need to unlock all of the twelve transformations it originally was capable of, one when another. this will be accomplished by finding the Shrines of the Ancestors and spending their trials. every shrine was engineered to recollect one among twelve legendary ancestors UN agency were same to be the prime fathers of the civilization on the island. The trials tell the stories of their lives, their rise and their fall. All of them appear to be connected through Sikanda and by disposal their power to you, Sikanda obtains new transformations that square measureredolent of to their temperament and a few process moments of their life.

Each transformation encompasses a terribly distinctive set of skills and lookthis might be monstrous weapons sort of a claymore or a hammer  199 Views

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