WillDeria (SOON)

The game is presently in development. we've got created loads of efforts to develop it! within the finish we'll unharness it!

The game can reveal the total romance of journey and piracy.

The game is presently in development. we've got created loads of efforts to develop it! within the finish we'll unharness it!

• Game engine - Unreal Engine four

• Direction of the sport -Game sandbox mmorpg could be a seamless open world that doesn't have loading levels. Territories sleep in realtime. WillDeria can take you to Associate in Nursing era of travel, journey and piracy.

Before you open the expanse of the world's ocean with islands and archipelagoes.

• Locations - the sport can have completely different climatical zones and habitats of animals. The dream of each human to explore the tough Arctic zones, impenetrable forests and plain marshes, tropical thickets and hot sandy deserts. first-rate of the best mountains and complicated branches of karst caves.

• Transport - Riding on a horse or in a very wagon by land. By ocean on a ship or boat. differing types of ships, from the dory to the legendary Line ships, can createadventures even additional fascinating!
• PVP \ PK system - absolutely free with no restrictions and no secure zones. the sole place wherever you'll leave your character safe is that the chamber within thebuildingyou'll be killed at any moment whether or not it is a village or a capital. there'll be a counter pvp \ pk. Your name can rely upon it.

• The combat system on the Land could be a non-target combat system. The system permits you to feel the character alive. round one clay - this is often doable. If you shoot with a muzzle loader on the clean man's body partyou'll undoubtedly kill him with one shot. If the armor is worn on the character, the harm from your weapon and also the proportion of its protection area unit calculated. The distinction will be massivethat the bullet won't do any harmhowever it will stun the enemy. Cold steel is that the same, you'll pass on and communicate a fatal blow within the back to the enemy. Our game can create individuals unite in teamsas a result of while not assist you area unit no one. If you're killed and brought away all of your inventory. Your body lies for an exact time, once it disappears. you'll rob throughout this era. If you yourself accidentally died. you want to come back to to your body so as to require all of your things from it otherwise you'll lose everything.

• The combat system on the ocean is non-target. each living person participates within the management of the ship and also the higher the crew is provided with a live team, the stronger and quicker it'll be. each man should management the gun. A weapon while not a player can become useless. If there aren't any individuals on sails, then you'll not sail. Your maneuvers rely upon the coordinated actions of your team. The actions on the ship will be replaced by the National Security Agency team, employed within the buildinghowever their coaching level are going to be under for real players.

• Boarding - there area unit many choices to prevent Associate in Nursing enemy ship - it's to interrupt his masts, tear all the canvas, or have time to throw enough grappling hooks to tug the ships along. A ship isn't your personal toy. you'll not build it alone. (you can solely build ships of sophistication five alone). If you lost a ship, don't suppose that once showing on the shore once death you'll have it in inventory. you are doing not have a ship. you've got to form one among the 2, take it back or look for a ship at auctions within the port.

• Ship weapons - an outsized style of cannons, smooth-bore cannons, mortars, falconets, harpoons, and by material, forged iron bronze, etc ... we tend to abandoned the nuclei, the grapes, the bundles and also the bombs, as a result of it means that the top of the piracy century. The wood ship are going to be a straightforward target from the large damage! The century of linear sailboats finished at concerning an equivalent time!

• wrapping paper system - wrapping paper system is - Found a instruction - learned - collected the required materials - produceyou'll obtain a regular set of recipes for weapons or for a prepared weapon in a very searchyou would like to travel on a research for additional exclusive weapon models. One instruction is one weapon. Recipes can seem in random places round the world with an exact regularity.

• Construction - you'll build your house, your village and even your town and fort. shield your home!

• Weapons - massive choice of tiny arms, muskets and pistols. Bows and crossbows. an enormous choice of scrimmage weapons: knives, daggers, swords, axes, halberds and far additional.

• Quest system - Quest starts a series of tasks that tells you concerning the government agency and concerning his house, the village wherever he lives. every chain has a stimulating plot. There area unit presences of ordinary quests (bring, kill, collect, take freight or kill different players) while not it anyplacethe distinctiveness of our quest within the system is that if you attained a nasty name in a very specific town, the city manager will assign you a questa research for your capture (alive or dead) for an award can appear! Tasks are going to be fascinating and can cause conflicts between players!

• Relationship system - relations with the government agency of the sport world and you as a Player rely directly on the name that you simply attained. If you're a thief, your name encompasses a negative priceyou'll be treated sort of a pirate. Materials can become dearer within the market. The guards are going to be careful with you. If the guards see alittle conflict involving you or carrying a gun while not a holster, they're going to got to send you to jail or to execution. you'll be ready to use all the privileges within the territory of pirates.

• Resources - All resources area unit extracted! Example: you would like a tree, go and cut the maximum amount as you would like, ore can got to be deep-mined in mines or in mountainous areas.

• System of skills - what does one do and swing! The state of the character can rely upon atmospheric condition, fatigue and hunger.

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