P.A.S. Video Game

Imagine yourself being sentenced to death, and also the solely thanks to escape is to participate in an exceedingly program, the principles of that square measure terribly simple: only 1 team ought to stay alive

Imagine yourself being sentenced to death, and also the solely thanks to escape is to participate in an exceedingly programthe principles of that square measure terriblysimple: only 1 team ought to stay alive.

A total range of players within the show is sixty four. In total a pair of locations 2x2 klick square measure ready for battles. The radiation zone can force players to seemperpetually for brand spanking new shelters and sooner or later return face to face.
Traditionally, players will realize weapons, armor, ammunition, grenades and first-aid kits at the placement of players.

But what did the organizers of the show return up with to form the show additional spectacular and interesting?

The main options of PAS:
every armor has its own distinctive set of characteristics and helps to settle on the proper techniques of behavior in combat.
grouping credits targeting the placement the player will use extra options within the game:
turning into associate object for camouflage on the placement
activation of fighting chicken (Chicken Rush)
3 Even once the death the player continues to assist teammates mistreatment the collected credits:
to cure the team-mate
activate fighting chicken (Chicken Rush)
throw a bomb
to fill again ammunition for weapons
replenish the player's bomb
speed up the player's movement by twenty %
Increase the most player's HP by twenty
put a precision rifle in your inventory
increase the possibility of vital injury to fifty %

Well, of course, zombies can stop you from obtaining on the point of places with prime loot.

There will be no time to be bored!